Sunday, January 30, 2005

pakcik ariffin (my neighbour) past away last friday..sakit tua...
went to the funeral and help around with the kenduri arwah..
semoga roh arwah dicucuri rahmat.amin.

so, abang ben help me out with my guitar strings...i did ask sai to change it but i was too tired to drive to his place...right after work, went straight to, the other i told nanim to bring the guitar to her so-called work place..the thing is, my work place is really really an office, and hers is like a place where those skool leavers gather to do sumthin good.i mean benda yang tight rules, no boss, well abang ben is the boss but he was like really cool that those guys could even take a nap! and so, he changed the strings in no abang ben...hihihihihi..

me and my maksu on new year's eve

Sunday, January 23, 2005

today is already sunday and it so fast that i wanna have another week break.


and i miss raihan....

Friday, January 21, 2005

Hari Raya Korban

today is hari raya korban and i'm at itas,shah alam.gonna sleep over until sunday...nice...elly's not here though.but, already looked at her dancing in the moonlight pix!! she looked perfect with her little cousin, all grown up.

my tummy doesn't feel right,i've loaded with lots of rice, i mean i ate rice for breakfast, and lunch, and when i get at shah alam , i ate another plate of rice and rice and rice, the rendang were countless...and i dun think i'm gonna sleep well tonight.

so, back to the story of two, he still flirting and she's taking it fine, but she said to me she's getting bored that sumtime she thought he just sending her fake signals...she didn't even sure bout their situation.hmmmm...

i can't write nemore cause my tummy said i need to lie down.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


i think that movie gonna be a hit...bile keluar eh?read the story line in newspaper pagi tadi.

it's the 18 day of 2005 and i still went to work....and its weird that i actually looking forward for it...maybe because money drives me.macam nanim cakap.
so, talking about work, reminds me of --------the story of two,*wink*.
cma was absent the other day and he asked the girl (after a few time he passed by her desk)about was more like this, "cma tak datang ker?"
"tak...dia demam"
"oh..demam...demam tahun baru ye"
"tahun baru ape ke mender..dah lama dah tahun baru"
"heheheh..tahun baru jugak tu"
and she told me that she was just smiling but she didn't make any eye contact through the whole chat,she just stared at the computer doin her work.i think she should look at him when they talk,rite...eye contact is really important.and one more interesting thing was, when he walked in front of her, she saw him glancing at her and they even accidently looked at each other!
------to be continued

so, anyways, tomorrow i'm gonna stay back,banyak kerje...maybe till 8pm.and tadi, i was helping kak ani with her project,SPIRIT,and as i was punching the numbers and updating codes, i came across this code, which said,"good for berakfast"...hahahhahah...sumone wants to update it as "good for breakfast" but got a confusing spelling instead with a whole lot of other meaning.i called for abang zam and i was laughing out loud again!and abang zam went to the rest and asked "woih, saper yg update berakfast?!"i think i know who.

hari raya haji is on this friday, gonna go to shah alam again!!! yay!!!! celebrate with my cousins!!! the fab 4!!!!! yay!!!! we gonna talk,and take pictures,elly's gonna tell us the whole thing on her prom night, we gonna laugh, and eat, and sleep, and wake up to play the guitar, and stares at the wall,and take pictures and laugh again, and eat for second round until we bloated and talk again..can't wait!

yadda yadda yadda

i jes finish fill up the upu form online...that's it, i dun want to complain nemore because i've been cursing so much last night because of the trouble.

nehow, taking half day off today, and be expected at the office after lunch today.
elly...she sent an sms to nanim saying that she enjoyed her prom night.gud on ye kez!this friday, u better let us look at the picture...i wanna see how the dress that "we" choose look good on u... *wink*

the fab 4!!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

my pink handphone cover

it was pink...with all the flower power design on it. :P

neweys, life was just so busy lately...i was so busy that i couldn't remember to ponteng kerja like i usually did.2 weeks straight...with no day off (excluding the weekend).sumtimes at office, while punching in the questionaire into the computer, i wondering how i could manage to start on from 9 to 5.30..and sumtimes its 9 to 8pm! it was merely amazing..and now, i'm busy to fill in the upu form, online.

cma told me the other day that this guy we know at office, was like interested into this girl we know at the other day, he asked her if she sayang him..and she told cma, that at other occasion, he asked her if he can mengurat her...and cma was like "woooowww"...and there's one time, he asked her if she misses him...she didn't say nethin...she was smiling though..and he saw it.and i dun know what will happen next..i mean, this girl is like adorable in her own way and this guy is like 10 years her senior but totally cute.the story between them is so interesting...i can't wait to see what happen next.he's been hitting on her actually quite a while but she was too blur to realize it...i mean , she even realized it when cma told her that she(cma) saw that guy lookin on her(that girl) all the time...

like there's this wedding occasion, he looked on her while she was walking down the stairs.and he looked at her sometimes at the office when she wasn't alert...i know she liked him too...i just knew it.

there's so many things i wanna do...and for starter, i wanna make my own scrap book of pictures i took with my camera phone! it's gonna be cute and interesting.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

goodbye 2004..hello 2005

it's that time year..but this time it would be a bit strange.the tsunami disaster was a breaking heart for most people esp those who have lost their love ones.i pray for those who lost their life.Allah hu akbar...

so, the klcc party, time square, or whenever it should be in kl was cancel..thanx pak lah..the money should be donated for those who most needed..we always take granted for what we have and yet we don't realize of what we were supposed to do, in order to give and take and to make this world a peace place for living.

i was in perak when tsunami took place, and almost went to pulau pangkor...

is always out there....

i was thinking to donate some of my belonging, the less i can do. or maybe i would just buy some staff at the guardian as they handling the donation too.the less i can do.

despite of all things, we still have the barbecue going on.and my stomach is blooted's good to have all my luv ones around aunties, my uncles, my grandparents, cousins, siblings, parents, and my friends....i care for them.and i luv them.

there's a lot i wanna say actually, but i'll continue later.
it's late now.and i'm tired.and i got some program goin on tomorrow....

so, happy new year again to all of u who actually knows me as i am, all the best in this new year, may all your dreams will come true...i know i have..hihihihi...
and i luv u guys a lot..
bye.sweet dreams.