Tuesday, January 18, 2005


i think that movie gonna be a hit...bile keluar eh?read the story line in newspaper pagi tadi.

it's the 18 day of 2005 and i still went to work....and its weird that i actually looking forward for it...maybe because money drives me.macam nanim cakap.
so, talking about work, reminds me of --------the story of two,*wink*.
cma was absent the other day and he asked the girl (after a few time he passed by her desk)about cma..it was more like this, "cma tak datang ker?"
"tak...dia demam"
"oh..demam...demam tahun baru ye"
"tahun baru ape ke mender..dah lama dah tahun baru"
"heheheh..tahun baru jugak tu"
and she told me that she was just smiling but she didn't make any eye contact through the whole chat,she just stared at the computer doin her work.i think she should look at him when they talk,rite...eye contact is really important.and one more interesting thing was, when he walked in front of her, she saw him glancing at her and they even accidently looked at each other!
------to be continued

so, anyways, tomorrow i'm gonna stay back,banyak kerje...maybe till 8pm.and tadi, i was helping kak ani with her project,SPIRIT,and as i was punching the numbers and updating codes, i came across this code, which said,"good for berakfast"...hahahhahah...sumone wants to update it as "good for breakfast" but got a confusing spelling instead with a whole lot of other meaning.i called for abang zam and i was laughing out loud again!and abang zam went to the rest and asked "woih, saper yg update berakfast?!"i think i know who.

hari raya haji is on this friday, gonna go to shah alam again!!! yay!!!! celebrate with my cousins!!! the fab 4!!!!! yay!!!! we gonna talk,and take pictures,elly's gonna tell us the whole thing on her prom night, we gonna laugh, and eat, and sleep, and wake up to play the guitar, and stares at the wall,and take pictures and laugh again, and eat for second round until we bloated and talk again..can't wait!

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