Friday, January 21, 2005

Hari Raya Korban

today is hari raya korban and i'm at itas,shah alam.gonna sleep over until sunday...nice...elly's not here though.but, already looked at her dancing in the moonlight pix!! she looked perfect with her little cousin, all grown up.

my tummy doesn't feel right,i've loaded with lots of rice, i mean i ate rice for breakfast, and lunch, and when i get at shah alam , i ate another plate of rice and rice and rice, the rendang were countless...and i dun think i'm gonna sleep well tonight.

so, back to the story of two, he still flirting and she's taking it fine, but she said to me she's getting bored that sumtime she thought he just sending her fake signals...she didn't even sure bout their situation.hmmmm...

i can't write nemore cause my tummy said i need to lie down.

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