Sunday, January 16, 2005

my pink handphone cover

it was pink...with all the flower power design on it. :P

neweys, life was just so busy lately...i was so busy that i couldn't remember to ponteng kerja like i usually did.2 weeks straight...with no day off (excluding the weekend).sumtimes at office, while punching in the questionaire into the computer, i wondering how i could manage to start on from 9 to 5.30..and sumtimes its 9 to 8pm! it was merely amazing..and now, i'm busy to fill in the upu form, online.

cma told me the other day that this guy we know at office, was like interested into this girl we know at the other day, he asked her if she sayang him..and she told cma, that at other occasion, he asked her if he can mengurat her...and cma was like "woooowww"...and there's one time, he asked her if she misses him...she didn't say nethin...she was smiling though..and he saw it.and i dun know what will happen next..i mean, this girl is like adorable in her own way and this guy is like 10 years her senior but totally cute.the story between them is so interesting...i can't wait to see what happen next.he's been hitting on her actually quite a while but she was too blur to realize it...i mean , she even realized it when cma told her that she(cma) saw that guy lookin on her(that girl) all the time...

like there's this wedding occasion, he looked on her while she was walking down the stairs.and he looked at her sometimes at the office when she wasn't alert...i know she liked him too...i just knew it.

there's so many things i wanna do...and for starter, i wanna make my own scrap book of pictures i took with my camera phone! it's gonna be cute and interesting.

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