Wednesday, February 23, 2005

At last people, zaid and ayu finally met and I've played the match maker. It has been a few months when zaid saw ayu's picture in my photo album and he asked for her digit pronto. He called her, often, and he always wanted me to bring ayu and meet him. So yesterday, I did. We went to burger king and all. Well, it wasn't that awkward, like I've imagined before. It went well in fact. And my job is done.

Next case is abang ben and kak lup...hihihih..nak ker? I used to have that thought in my mind, I even told cma about the plan but it didn't go anyway pun. I mean abang ben is like the 30 something-cool and rock guy with his spunky hair and smoking cigars and he never wear his t-shirts/shirts in his jeans and he always wear sneakers to work and his cool and he also has this bad aura around...and kak lup is something else, she's nice and kind and plainly nice. I just dun think the plan will work, and besides, I think he likes someone else and that someone else likes him too but he was too stupid not to tell her, only that he gave her hints, like she ever gonna get that...that girl only notice those hints when her other friend told her that...talking about how blur is she...hihihih... and I think that she has gone boring for waiting. Well, I'm just gonna observe from here...rite.

Jaja called me up the other day and we talked about was a very long time since I heard from her...since spm.

And Sepet was okay...something else in our film industry and something true in our society of being Malaysian. Tiong Hin was there at the special screening too but he didn't see us and we were in hurry.

Oh, I'm off for a few days from work...and I'm still waiting for my superman.

cover album for ijad and piyeh

a tribute to burn

Sunday, February 20, 2005

I've been busy with application forms for the last couple of weeks..i dunno.everytime I fill in the forms, it would always take more than a week, let alone to get the certificates ready. Abang Zam told me that he has a friend working at MMU and he said he would tell his friend about my application.

The UBNers kids had only a week left, until next Thursday. The cigar job-Hot Spots (J3272), would be over. It was a very fun working surrounding I've ever see. And I'm not gonna walk there after 5.30pm anymore, I know I'm gonna miss it..

and yesterday, i was supposed to play futsal at selayang with the UBNers but it turned out to be totally wrong when me and nanim decided to go home as we had other obligation.They didn't mention that it was actually beach ball game (where they play on sand), not a futsal game.I was so frustrated...i really didn't expected it at all, and the fact that it started late at 4 or sumthing and would be end at 6 or so..i didn't take my car, that's the problem when i asked pokdah to get back to kl early..she was reluctanted, her abang janggut was there and she wanted to see him play...she even went to the salon to get a blow.well, can't blame her nanim asked piyeh to send us to the nearest lrt station.we took the train back to jelatek...poor thing eh.

never mind that.there's always next time.

haripah, on her engagement day

Malam ngilu mengasyikkan
Rongak gigi sendiri
Kini aku dibelenggu

Malu bertanya takut, malu
Menconteng arang cakerawala
Kini aku muflis

Hidup mati muzik
Bangun tidur muzik
Cuba bernafas
Ralat itu normal
Maafkanlah hamba
Hamba pun hamba wang
Pada zahirnya

Saturday, February 05, 2005

i had great fun today.
abang ben cordially invited me to see him jamming with those ubn kids.i was supposed to go there with pokdah and nanim but instead,it was only me and nanim.pokdah couldn't make it.
anyways, went to exchange studio and boy it was cool..near my house, ampang point area to be exact.abang ben was on the bass, pieh was on the lead guitar, some ubn kid on the rythm guitar, and pieh's fren was on the drum, and guess whose on the vocal, arnold! the kid that i scolded off for disturbing nanim. to be frankly, that kid can't sing...

i was nearly jump out of the sofa and grab the microfon from his hands

untuk seketika, ku hilang kawalan diri-cuai:butterfingers-

abang ben was a bit shy lah...he said he hadn't play for quite a while, and so did he speak the truth? because that guy has some issue about telling a lie or true.but he really kinda shy, malu-malu kucing....hihihi....

afterwards, we went for gerai and chat for a while and minum-minum. and after that, me and nanim went to suzanna to get a hair wash and chopped them off!

so now, my hair is short and i luv it.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

married sumone rich..really really rich

today is hari wilayah and so all of us at tns got a day off...and so,i woke up early on tuesday morning for my routine jog at klcc park..i did 3 rounds today.yippie!after dat, went to maksu's to fetch her, tia and iman.
reached home around 11 or so,mama asked me to wash the car,it was me,nikki and iman, washing the car and got our shower at the same was fun with those little brats..iman was wet and soak with water!
i was in my room, when maksu came in....then mama came and we talked about stuff...then suddenly, the topic of marriage came out of nowhere..both my mama and maksu agreed dat its okay to be second wife as long as your husband is rich..really really rich..the topic went on and on and it's still goin on when we reached mak teh's.mak teh said the same conclusion, money is everything..find sumone rich to be your husband..(pesanan daripada mama, maksu and mak teh)

yesterday, the guys at ubn gathered in the room and when i reached there, i saw everyone was concentrating at abang ben (the storyteller :P), the topic was braces..and when everyone gone,where its only me,nanim,abang ben,burn,syam and hafiz left, they change the topic to ears...and all the dirty thing about ears came out (ear wax, etc) talking about disgusting...eeuuu...abang ben is master in such topic..and shortly before i left, they said they gonna discuss about nose tomorrow.guys would always be guys!