Saturday, February 05, 2005

i had great fun today.
abang ben cordially invited me to see him jamming with those ubn kids.i was supposed to go there with pokdah and nanim but instead,it was only me and nanim.pokdah couldn't make it.
anyways, went to exchange studio and boy it was cool..near my house, ampang point area to be exact.abang ben was on the bass, pieh was on the lead guitar, some ubn kid on the rythm guitar, and pieh's fren was on the drum, and guess whose on the vocal, arnold! the kid that i scolded off for disturbing nanim. to be frankly, that kid can't sing...

i was nearly jump out of the sofa and grab the microfon from his hands

untuk seketika, ku hilang kawalan diri-cuai:butterfingers-

abang ben was a bit shy lah...he said he hadn't play for quite a while, and so did he speak the truth? because that guy has some issue about telling a lie or true.but he really kinda shy, malu-malu kucing....hihihi....

afterwards, we went for gerai and chat for a while and minum-minum. and after that, me and nanim went to suzanna to get a hair wash and chopped them off!

so now, my hair is short and i luv it.

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