Sunday, February 20, 2005

I've been busy with application forms for the last couple of weeks..i dunno.everytime I fill in the forms, it would always take more than a week, let alone to get the certificates ready. Abang Zam told me that he has a friend working at MMU and he said he would tell his friend about my application.

The UBNers kids had only a week left, until next Thursday. The cigar job-Hot Spots (J3272), would be over. It was a very fun working surrounding I've ever see. And I'm not gonna walk there after 5.30pm anymore, I know I'm gonna miss it..

and yesterday, i was supposed to play futsal at selayang with the UBNers but it turned out to be totally wrong when me and nanim decided to go home as we had other obligation.They didn't mention that it was actually beach ball game (where they play on sand), not a futsal game.I was so frustrated...i really didn't expected it at all, and the fact that it started late at 4 or sumthing and would be end at 6 or so..i didn't take my car, that's the problem when i asked pokdah to get back to kl early..she was reluctanted, her abang janggut was there and she wanted to see him play...she even went to the salon to get a blow.well, can't blame her nanim asked piyeh to send us to the nearest lrt station.we took the train back to jelatek...poor thing eh.

never mind that.there's always next time.

haripah, on her engagement day

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