Tuesday, February 01, 2005

married sumone rich..really really rich

today is hari wilayah and so all of us at tns got a day off...and so,i woke up early on tuesday morning for my routine jog at klcc park..i did 3 rounds today.yippie!after dat, went to maksu's to fetch her, tia and iman.
reached home around 11 or so,mama asked me to wash the car,it was me,nikki and iman, washing the car and got our shower at the same time..it was fun with those little brats..iman was wet and soak with water!
i was in my room, when maksu came in....then mama came and we talked about stuff...then suddenly, the topic of marriage came out of nowhere..both my mama and maksu agreed dat its okay to be second wife as long as your husband is rich..really really rich..the topic went on and on and it's still goin on when we reached mak teh's.mak teh said the same too...in conclusion, money is everything..find sumone rich to be your husband..(pesanan daripada mama, maksu and mak teh)

yesterday, the guys at ubn gathered in the room and when i reached there, i saw everyone was concentrating at abang ben (the storyteller :P), the topic was braces..and when everyone gone,where its only me,nanim,abang ben,burn,syam and hafiz left, they change the topic to ears...and all the dirty thing about ears came out (ear wax, etc) talking about disgusting...eeuuu...abang ben is master in such topic..and shortly before i left, they said they gonna discuss about nose tomorrow.guys would always be guys!

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