Saturday, March 05, 2005

Had a talk with abang this morning.over the island table.he talk some sense into me...sometimes he does talk sense and sometimes he can be REALLY annoying. It was about the mara loan that I couldn't get for mmu...mara has stop its loan for mmu.and I really felt devastated.not that my dad couldn't afford it but knowing him as my dad for 21 years, I know it's gonna be hard.
I'm glad that I did some back up application but I can't just hold on to it too...I have to think the worst that might come. If I do apply graphic and multimedia at uniten, the fees gonna be no lesser than mmu...with no mara loan...ptptn loan is always there but still I have to ask if they do supply loan for my course.limkokwing has mara but, you know...limkokwing...the semester fees is like paying deposit for a gti satria.if I ever get to go to limkokwing, I'd be more than thrill.

Anyways, the talk we had...abang suggest that I could do part time for degree at Open University.TNS (the company I work with) is going to open vacancies at the panel department and they much invited those who have working experience there (part/full time) to apply...then, they would consider the moment, everything falls perfectly for me if I got the job and do part time for, open university is just a 2 minutes walk from Menara TA One,located at Angkasaraya, just at the other corner of Menara TA One...and besides, I wouldn't have to miss ben much...hihihihihi...

So, by 4 years time, I get to save some money for a house deposit for mama (cewah!), and some for a car, and obtain a degree.

Make sense, right?
And still, it's just a backup plan.
uh, and you know what's going to happen tonight??my alumni dinner!better be worth that 50 bucks.

and the fact that i had to tutor nikki with his exam this afternoon,i couldn't make it to hard rock to see seven collar t-shirt and love me butch perform...sadly to say, i'm gonna missed to see a band called KLPHQ perform..i watched them at latte@8, they were awesome.

*mama and babah balik kampung...makcik mama is dying.

**what's with the doodleboard??

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