Saturday, March 26, 2005

I thought I'm gonna be okay by excepting the offer but I was a bit reluctant to accept the offer from MMU...I always been dreaming to study mass communication ever since I was 15 years old...unfortunately, that dream shattered just like that. My applications to UITM were rejected for 3 times. The first time was in 2000, the second was in 2001, and the third was in 2004. MMU offer letter arrived earlier than I expected, and the dateline for paying the registration fees was this very last Monday. They didn't give me much time, I had about 5 days to settle things if I accepted the offer. Deep down in my heart, I was still hoping that I got the offer from UITM. So, as I made the payment at BCB, I was still in daze, whether is this what I want to do...but I kept on filling in the form and took the waiting number and went to the counter when the number was up and made the payment. Cma consoled me...she's a good talker. She talked some sense in me and I agreed. As we went out from the bank, she said, "Sekarang, termaktublah yang kau tu student MMU". And I'm glad.

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