Friday, March 18, 2005

i've been working and working through out the week...i even ignore my fever...maybe because i wanna see him.BUT, what he did? he was just being an inconsiderate, arrogant person one could ever be...i wouldn't have this feeling if he didn't start all of these things at the first, we didn't really talk.i looked at him as he past by me and he's really weird really is..i just don't understand,about 3 weeks ago he asked me out and kept on asking when would we go out and all after that,but still, we didn't really went out.instead, i've been spending my time with zaid, abang zam and abang cy....we had great fun.and he's not around.we went to bowling, he's not there, afterward, we went to karaoke, i sang, i laughed, i had a blast of time, but still, he wasn't there.and now i'm confuse.
which reminds me of a song i used to know...
i wonder how,i wonder why, yesterday you told me about the blue blue sky, and all that i can see, is just a yellow lemon tree,i'm turning my head, up and down, i'm turning turning turning turning turning around, and all that i can see, is just a yellow lemon tree...something like that.
i have this guts in me, telling me to walk up at him and slap his face.

in the meantime, finally people, finally, i got the offer.will started my class in june.MMU-Faculty of Creative Multimedia,Innovative Media- Degree (Hons).i didn't really believe it at first, but i've already settled the bank draft and all, and now, its confirm...i'm going...i'm gonna be an MMU student..wuuuuhuuuuu!!!!
no one knows at the office, except for cma and abang zam...i'm not telling anyone's gonna be a surprise for them, especially him.
padan muka.
i will only tell them a week before that.

sam told some stupid joke..which was so funny that i laughed out's about sex or sumthing...and i noticed that i really attached to zaid and abang zam...we were like laughing and laughing and make pranks on each other..i dunno, i guess i'm gonna miss them the most when i'm gone.

so, as i said, everything's gonna's just a matter of me.

*besok kerja.....mencari duit yang halal...hihihii

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