Thursday, March 03, 2005

I've finished reading the bell jar by Sylvia Plath, eventually. I remember cma told me the other day that she has seen me bringing the book to the office ever since she started work there...and that was about 6 or 8 months ago. Nanim would just finish a book in a week...sometime it only took her a day or two. My reason was, I was busy with work and all which required my energy and by the time I reached home, I went straight to bed...or sometimes, when I just have a good position to read the book, my eyes would always felt sleepy...where I only managed to finish a page, or maybe half page. So, with the ending of the bell jar, which I found really good, I am now has started on this book entitled, Otherwise Engaged (Suzanne Finnamore) far so good.

Jalan cerita yang bersahaja.

And finally, Ben had make his move...finally people, finally...thank heaven...he asked her out, on a movie, probably for tomorrow's show. She said he looked so adorable when he asked her...she didn't say yes right away, "it's against the rules", she said...after he asked her for the 10th times, she said okay.i have a good reason on why i kept on telling you guys about ben and her....if everything's okay,i'm gonna let you know's just a matter of me.

Anyways, last night, as Nanim and I were having our sister to sister chat in our room, mama told us to turn off the light as its getting late...and so, Nanim started to do something stupid and funny, she used her hand phone light instead. And we talked in the dark with our hand phones light, lighting a quarter part of our face...

:i'm sensitive and i like to stay that way:

*i've just included the photo from pakcik ariffin's funeral,
post dated sunday,january 30,2005

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