Thursday, March 10, 2005

Last night I cried to sleep.mama left my pink tumbler at the clinic.i felt so sad cause I couldn't see my tumbler anymore…I bring her to office everyday without's my pink tumbler...…I drank from it everyday, 24/7….it's really disturbing, now that I have to replace her with something else. I feel so ridged.
PMS does not help me at all, making me even worse. I've had enough with someone that I really dun wanna mention name here. I know, it was just a small matter and it's not his fault really, but I don't care…so, what I did yesterday was, I said no word to him, maybe just the basic like "hmmm", "nope" and "owh". Suit him right.

Anyway, I've gave kak maziah the clothes for charity last Monday. At first I wanted to give it away to the rumah bakti, but I've been delaying things at that time, so when I heard kak maziah going to visit those unfortunate kids in johor, I asked for her favor. And I felt like so generous that I've donated my blood the next day. It was okay….didn't hurt…at all, the needle was okay. You know when people says negative things about donating blood, well, don't trust them 100% until you've experienced it yourself. Abang said so many negative things that one of it was some of the needle being use contain HIV blood. Isn't it ridiculous? All the tools, the items being used along the procedure are clean and new. Fresh from the pack. After they used them on donaters, they'll throw it away…in the dustbin. And I heard some said it will hurt you a lot and yadda yadda yadda….my advice is just, if you feel okay to donate your blood, then go ahead, a soul might be saved because of your blood. Btw, mine is AB type.the rare and selfish one…and so the nurses said…hihihihhi….

Alumni dinner was okay. Boring, here and there, you know, formal event, and simple. Zulfaqar graduated the same night…and I saw him. I told myself it's now or never…hmmm, how many times I've told that to myself everytime I saw him at college. But this time around, I really went up to him and say "hey,its me, harim" and he went,"owh, yeah…how are you, what you're doing here, who you come with" and all. I know, I couldn't even believe my achievement! It was so easy…he was okay, I guess.

So, I'm gonna be a busy bee through out the weekend.
Friday: dinner date with those guys at the office
Saturday: bowling with those guys at the office
Sunday: open day at mmu and sunway and amir muhamad movie show at actor's studio bangsar.

the AB blood

tak sakit

*doddle board mimang tak bule pakai ke ita?

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