Thursday, March 31, 2005

so, yesterday was mama's 40th birthday, well not really her 40th but she looked like 40....and tomorrow's gonna be ita's 21st...

to my dear cousin ita,HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY!!!!,go out...jgn dok lagi depan buku and notes yang kat dinding tu, u need a day out for yourself...have fun!

as for me, i'm still on earth.
feeling a bit down for sumtime and i weep sumtimes, ntahlah labu...apa nak jadi ngan aku pun aku tak tau...aside of becoming graphic designer lah...huhuhuh...lawak ker? macam tak lawak jek..anyways,today.. me and him were okay.he made stupid jokes about me and burn and i was like senyum jek..nak buat aper lagi?malas nak layan.
i dunno,if i have to describe how i really really felt about these, it's gonna be 3 pages long and u guys would puke after that.the simple phrase is, i'm a bit confused and torn about us, i refuse to ask him directly cause it would make me look stupid in front of him plus, he owes me an

would i stop talking about me and him in the next post? the answer is i dunno...and i dun wanna know.maybe i might stop after i felt really tired about it or maybe not.maybe i'm just gonna jot down everything.

stop hurting me.

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