Sunday, March 27, 2005

Went to work yesterday and I came in at 10am when I said to them I would only come at 2pm. Well, I got to go back early from nikki's sports day. I was just glad to see Ben smiling at me as he saw me walking towards him,"kata datang pukul dua?" he said, grinning."laa, belum pukul dua ker? Kiter ingatkan dah pukul dua"I replied jokingly. And I sat at abang CY's place, right next to him. And we talked again like we haven't met for a long time. We talked about things and stuffs, music, guitar strings, all that interest us the most. He sat really really close to me when I told him the questionnaire and the computer spec got problem...of course, I acted cool! Around 2 or so, we went to berjaya times square to buy his guitar string...UNFORTUNATELY, a friend of ours whom we called pakcik, followed too..sibuk jek pakcik tu..and trailed to bukit bintang to buy ps2...then, we went back to the was raining and I was too lazy to open my umbrella which I already kept in my bag and I shared the umbrella with him...we took the cab and he asked pakcik to sit in front. He told us at the office that he' planning to record an underground album with pakcik's brother's band...punk music...the lyric is already ready...and he said he would write the thank you note in the in-lay starting with "bersyukur kehadrat allah swt" and I added, "kepada ibubapa yang memberi galakan" and he added, "kawan-kawan" and I said, "kawan-kawan di TNS, terutamanya..." and he continued, "terutama kepada sweetheart ku, harim", awww...anyways, he's a sweet talker.can't really trust what he says.


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