Friday, March 04, 2005

you know wat they say about goverment people; malas, tak buat kerja, etc - are true. that makcik at receiptionist counter at mara proved it all. all kak lup did was just asked that makcik about the procedure to continue her loan...that makcik didn't even looked at kak lup when she talked,she was so rude that she actually got angry when we insist to see the officer in charge of cyberbetics.

"saper pegang cybernetics?? budak-budak ni, nak jugak jumper...orang dah cakap tak ada loan, nak jumper jugak" that's what she said, out loud. i was about to smash her head with my words when i decided not to. why she has to be that mean?and so arrogant like she owned mara or something.

too bad that mara didn't cover ipta,uniten and mmu student anymore.
i'm not thinking about it anymore.
cause it's making me feel unhappy.

i wanna talk about something else.

i'm too concern about what other people might think about me.
what would they said if i changed completely,physical.because of that, i wouldn't dare to do anything without thinking of what other people around me would say, and it effects the way i make my decision, the way i put things together and even the way i tell things to you guys.
but to my surprise, i've got one of it solved, recently...precisely last night.
it was about me and ben....yup, that girl i kept telling you guys about...the girl that ben had crush on, that ben kept on flirting with, that ben just asked her out...that girl was me.
u see, i accidently gave my blog add to one of my office mate, and i afraid that if i write that girl was me, he probably would read it and tell other people in the office about it, and those people would tell my maksu about it and my maksu would think something else. if i haven't mention it yet, i worked at my maksu's office...and ben is like one of her friend, but not exactly friend lah cause he called her kak shue and sometimes maksu (since i worked there)and they don't really talked like maksu talk to kak nelly or peng kong, or like she talked to abang bob...there you go...its complicated but you would understand, as things go smoothly with me and ben, but still i concerned about maksu knowing everything, nanim told me last night that ben actually went to maksu first to ask for her permission to take me, maksu knows already, and ben actually done me a favour.
yesterday, he called.
and we talked.nuthing much.
he kept on calling me sayang and all and i just giggled.
i dunno,i feel like all the abang-abang at the office knew.maybe ben told them that he likes me.or maybe he told them about me.obviously, abang zam and zaid knew.but abang syuk? the other day, he talked to me about ben over lunch.cma was there too, but no, he didn't look right into cma's eyes.he looked right into mine and said,"ben tu baik orangnya"
and he kept on telling me about ben's family,about ben this, about ben was all about ben during lunch that was weird.the weirdest lunch i ever had.

i still think that i'm neurotic about this thing, because i didn't make spaces in between the paragraph above...that way, you guys would feel it's long to read and woudn't even read it.i'm just concerns.

anyway, been spending my money like water for this week only and i dun like that.i had to pay 50 bucks for the alumni dinner which i really wanna go, and another 30 bucks for uniten application form, and this morning, i had to pay 50 bucks for replacing my damage ic.well, i did it on purpose though.i dun like the picture on my ic, it makes me look like i have 5 kids or something,so, i decided to do things to get it replace, to my concerns i wouldn't have to pay anything for replacing but that makcik at the jpn counter was like,"50 ringgit" and i almost cholked when i heard that.

*no picture for this post.sowiee....

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