Sunday, April 03, 2005

Anyways, yesterday I had lunch at Kak noni’s…she invited me and cma only but the guys menyibuk also…so, yesterday I had spent the day off with kak noni, autie maria, abang ben, abang zam, zaid and cma, it was fun…kak noni cooked sayur, ikan goreng, sambal sotong and masak lemak ikan masin…yum yum…uh, btw, kak noni is my supervisor at the office…she’s nice.
I met auntie maria, kak noni’s friend.
I really like auntie maria...after we ate, we had this talked on things and she really speaks her minds out…I could just go on sitting there beside her, without blinking my eyes by the way she talks…and at the end of it, I asked her things and she talked some sense in me…she reminds me of miss daisy, my English teacher when I was in high school…

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