Monday, April 18, 2005

So,I dunno where to start…maybe in the middle or at the beginning, or perhaps I would just write about the ending of it. I have like asking myself so many times, was he the one and the answer that I got is no. He’s not the one. Suddenly, we’re just decided that I’m too young for him and he’s too old for me and that I still wanna do stuff in my life with dreams to catch and he, on the other hand wanna settled down and be a family man...I’m not disappointed of it, but it would be a lie if I tell you that I didn’t feel anything from it, I do feel something that I couldn’t explain. And, it would be a lie if I deny the cloud nine feeling I had before. There was something between us that sparkled so bright, I knew it and he knew it too.
“It’s not gonna happen”, Nanim said once. And she’s right.
Me and Ben just realized that.

I’m not gonna complain or anything.
It would be good this way, at least I got to know him…he’s great, fun to be with, annoying, funny, full of surprise and cool.
So, that’s that.
Everything is clear, no more confusing action or words…huhuuhh…no more confusing feeling…I just wanna smile to the world because when I smile, I know that I’m okay.

Songi doro

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