Sunday, May 29, 2005

MMU, here i come!

mama and babah went to a wedding in kuantan.
so, me and nanim went to amcorp mall...with nadia, abang zam, zaid and his cousin.
nuthin much....just lepaking with them before i'm off to mmu.i finally found OST for romeo and juliet, vol 2.rm lah kan.
so, friday ni, last day kat office.
did i tell u guys that abg zam gave me a pink hyppo? it's it.he said bawak pegi mmu untuk teman kat thoughtful of him ite?

reza sent me msg, asking me to lepaking wit him kat mmu nanti.
i dunno how's it gonna be there.excited.nervous.semua raser ada.sedih nak tinggalkan those guys at tns.dah setahun kerje kat sana.lots of experience.the ben thingy.guitar.abg zam thingy lagi.i malas nak citer kat sini about him.yeah, something happen but i clarify things and we're cool.ntahlah.
all i know now is i'm moving into a new environment next week.ader tugas besar menanti.a mission lah.lagi 3 years, i'll be free.and ready for everything.

the point is, mmu is waiting for me.i'm not gonna waste it.
i promise to whoever wants to believe in me.

Friday, May 20, 2005

On my own

Its 2 weeks more, my dream would come study at MMU. I do feel a bit scared on things I'm not so sure, maybe to left the comfort of home that I've been used to for 22 years..macam nak pergi abroad pulak,kalau macam azim tak pe lah kan...but still. This is like one of the biggest changes of my life, living on my own in a hostel with roommates I'm not sure about the characters and personalities. This is my first time of being away from home. Oh my god!
Haven't told the guys at the office yet.maybe later.i'm not ready to say goodbye.not just yet.because I like them so much that I know I can't find another them in MMU.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Can anyone believe it, that a person like me, who luvs bargain, sales, cheap yet quality and branded items, who is against the idea of buying expensive pieces was the same person whom actually bought her first levi's last week!! I can't believe it myself...although in the levi's-so-called-price, the 505 levi's I bought considered the cheapest...see, that's me, still looking for the cheapest.
But I do have a good legimate reason though. I went to work that Friday morning with my old jeans, which was my dad's when he was young. I really like that jeans cause it's really comfortable and I luv the cutting too. There's torn here and there actually but I managed to sew it back, but not until after lunch, when I realized that the torn part getting bigger, there was a hole there at the right knee!!! Cma then persuaded me to buy levi's...she gave me so many reasons on why I should have a levi's and I think she was right:
1)you should feel how it's like to own a levi's
2)you won't afford it anymore when you started your study
3)at least you have a piece of levi's when your off to mmu, I heard the student there are damn won't feel left out that way.

4)and my favourite reason is, this is for you to wear for a very long term, maybe until you finish your study, and you won't have to buy jeans anymore cause you have a pair of good one.

So, we went to the levi's store and found the perfect one for fits me well.
And u know wat she cma gonna do, she wants to tell kak lup right away bout it...joyah betul lah cma!! And she already told zaid and ben! Hahahhah...

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Yesterday, me and my girls had a get together luncheon...even though I had to wait for them for 2 and a half hours, but it was fun when the whole bunch of the gang get together. Kecoh giler!!!
We were seating there for almost 3 hours and eat and talk, and there were screaming too...oh me god, that was embarrassing I tell ya..and the guard was like eyeing on us, looking at us like we gonna set up a time bomb or something. It was so fun seeing them again especially aishah...I haven't seen her since high school..she's goin to Spain for a short course on Spanish language. Bestnye... So, we took some pictures and found something to give to fatiyah for her wedding. It's a purple lacy jewellery box from lovely lace...she's gonna love it. Oh, btw, the wedding is today. I can't wait. I mean she's one of my closes buddy...I've known her since primary days...and now she's getting married...awww...


the wedding present