Sunday, May 15, 2005

Can anyone believe it, that a person like me, who luvs bargain, sales, cheap yet quality and branded items, who is against the idea of buying expensive pieces was the same person whom actually bought her first levi's last week!! I can't believe it myself...although in the levi's-so-called-price, the 505 levi's I bought considered the cheapest...see, that's me, still looking for the cheapest.
But I do have a good legimate reason though. I went to work that Friday morning with my old jeans, which was my dad's when he was young. I really like that jeans cause it's really comfortable and I luv the cutting too. There's torn here and there actually but I managed to sew it back, but not until after lunch, when I realized that the torn part getting bigger, there was a hole there at the right knee!!! Cma then persuaded me to buy levi's...she gave me so many reasons on why I should have a levi's and I think she was right:
1)you should feel how it's like to own a levi's
2)you won't afford it anymore when you started your study
3)at least you have a piece of levi's when your off to mmu, I heard the student there are damn won't feel left out that way.

4)and my favourite reason is, this is for you to wear for a very long term, maybe until you finish your study, and you won't have to buy jeans anymore cause you have a pair of good one.

So, we went to the levi's store and found the perfect one for fits me well.
And u know wat she cma gonna do, she wants to tell kak lup right away bout it...joyah betul lah cma!! And she already told zaid and ben! Hahahhah...

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