Sunday, May 29, 2005

MMU, here i come!

mama and babah went to a wedding in kuantan.
so, me and nanim went to amcorp mall...with nadia, abang zam, zaid and his cousin.
nuthin much....just lepaking with them before i'm off to mmu.i finally found OST for romeo and juliet, vol 2.rm lah kan.
so, friday ni, last day kat office.
did i tell u guys that abg zam gave me a pink hyppo? it's it.he said bawak pegi mmu untuk teman kat thoughtful of him ite?

reza sent me msg, asking me to lepaking wit him kat mmu nanti.
i dunno how's it gonna be there.excited.nervous.semua raser ada.sedih nak tinggalkan those guys at tns.dah setahun kerje kat sana.lots of experience.the ben thingy.guitar.abg zam thingy lagi.i malas nak citer kat sini about him.yeah, something happen but i clarify things and we're cool.ntahlah.
all i know now is i'm moving into a new environment next week.ader tugas besar menanti.a mission lah.lagi 3 years, i'll be free.and ready for everything.

the point is, mmu is waiting for me.i'm not gonna waste it.
i promise to whoever wants to believe in me.

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