Sunday, May 08, 2005

Yesterday, me and my girls had a get together luncheon...even though I had to wait for them for 2 and a half hours, but it was fun when the whole bunch of the gang get together. Kecoh giler!!!
We were seating there for almost 3 hours and eat and talk, and there were screaming too...oh me god, that was embarrassing I tell ya..and the guard was like eyeing on us, looking at us like we gonna set up a time bomb or something. It was so fun seeing them again especially aishah...I haven't seen her since high school..she's goin to Spain for a short course on Spanish language. Bestnye... So, we took some pictures and found something to give to fatiyah for her wedding. It's a purple lacy jewellery box from lovely lace...she's gonna love it. Oh, btw, the wedding is today. I can't wait. I mean she's one of my closes buddy...I've known her since primary days...and now she's getting married...awww...


the wedding present


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