Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Mmusic Society

good news everyone....nanim aka my only sister, got accepted into uitm, degree in mass communication majoring in journalism.
the registration day will be held this sunday...ita, note this.ur cousin is joining u there!suke lah tu...

i'm happy for her too.she called me the about a week ago, crying on the phone, telling me that she didn't get in.and we went there for appeal, and now she got in.

the mmusic society club agm (anual general meeting)was held last nite.i went there with vi and ida.there was a girl, named hamam, playing the guitar, solo...she was cool.and she's a wearing tudung girl.she won the first place in gema competition (malay song competition) last year. salute!

anyways, today class was okay.cheng was like membebel a lot since monday.poor guy.not satisfied with this and that...the list will kept on and on if i told u guys wat he bubbled, we had to present all about ourselves in the design process class...and next week we had to draw objects, which can represent ourselves..weird class eh? uh and, for this homework, cheng was more than happy.he said its easy.

okay, i'm gonna take my rest for has been a long day.

note to self:tomorrow nite,IU bbq nite.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Panasonic DMC FZ20

as the classes started to go on just like usual, i developed a special interest towards this one class, mph1113-digital photography, which requires us to spend a whole lot of sum for a slr camera.
we were shocked!i'm talking about a 3k to 4k++ camera here.
mr kenneth, the class cordinator aka lecturer is okay.his a cool dude with a passion of artistry in him.he takes pictures,that's what he do beside than teaching us.
i have no problem with the class, except for that lah, the camera that we must purchase by the end of week 4.

so, me and elly took a step forward, we headed out downtown to search for the so called camera.the only camera that we hunted for was the panasonic ken said that that camera is great and it cost around 2k or so.and we did find a shop in pertama that sell it for 2k, full with accesories.

i couldn't wait to take my first picture with it.
uh, btw, panasonic fz20 fall in the "slr like" category.
its like, before this i dun even care what the category is, i was just imagined myself one day with one of those black camera that profesional photographer used..hmmm...

mr ken post these requirements on the mmudigiphoto yahoo group.

Equipment you need to have:
1.5 Megapixels (or higher) Digital Camera – with Exposure Overrides and RAW format

2.256MB (or higher) memory card(s) – CF or SD (Depends on camera model)

3.Card Reader for transferring images to your PC

4.Spare battery for long period outdoor shooting

5.Lens hood to avoid flare and filter to protect the lens (depends on camera model)

6.Sturdy tripod for sharper image or to avoid camera-shake

7.Cable or remote release to use when your camera is on the tripod (depends on camera model)

8.Dust blower and cleaning cloth to keep your equipment clean

9.LCD screen protector plastic

10.Silica gel to keep your equipment from having fungus due to humidity

11.Camera bag to carry your equipment

12.A book on Digital Photography (good coverage on technical aspects of Input-Process-Output)


1.The equipment will be used throughout BETA studies as well as for the majoring
(Gamma and Delta) later on

2.Try to borrow from your parents/relatives OR

3.Look for good second hand equipment OR

4.If you have to buy brand new, go in a group so that you can get a better price

5.Everything has to be ready by Week 4

me with elly's fz20:nonie's artwork:

on the orientation closing nite wit our so called batik shirt...eeewwww

me and the budak kecik@nonie

Friday, June 24, 2005

The ROOMATES, The NEIGHBOURS i promise. i wanna tell u guys about my life here at mmu.
start with my roommates.i have 2 roommates, elly from johor and nonie from shah alam.nonie is 18 years old so we called her budak kecik.and elly is 22.both of them are wacky and and elly are in the same faculty and doing the same major.and nonie is in the same faculty as we are but she's in her foundation year.
so, it has been 3 weeks now since i live and breath in the room with them.
the room is not really big but nice..although its a bit small from the rest but its okay.we can survive.then, there are my neighbours,3 of them...own,fiza and fatin.sumtimes i wud just go to their room and lepak, sumtimes they wud come to my room and watch dvd together....
the classes are far the earliest class i have is at

so, tu je kot buat setakat nie.ill update later..
uh, btw, i got offer letter from usm, seni halus-grafik komunikasi.
i'm gonna stay here, at mmu.

ni pc ely, dia malu nak bergambar, so i dapat ambik gambar pc dia jek.

this is the corner of my bed.there's my bed, and there's my table, before the pc took its crowded.

my jiran yg kepoh and kecoh giler!!!!but they are the best neighbours i ever had. :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


so, the journey is and mmu.

last week was the orientation week...first time living in the hostel.the orientation week was suck as we had to wake up early in the morning and sleep late at night...well, maybe because mostly i was on the phone during the was the only time that i could use the phone.

sports activity during the orientation week..we had to wear the t-shirts they provided for us.urgghhh...

i cried on the first night in mmu...hihihihih..suddenly i felt alone...called my mom and she laughed...the second night was okay and so the same as the other night until now.

yesterday i attended the first classes...the morning class was cancelled due to the visit fromthe crown prince of perak (raja nazrin).they used the e theatre room...and the evening classes was a short one...just some introduction here and there.

i'm gonna have a photography class soon...which means, i have to buy the digital slr camera....$$$$$.....nuff said on that.u get it.

my roommates are from johor and one from shah alam..
nanti my next post, i'm gonna tell u more about my roommates, my neighbours, and the sengal list we made.


-Harim Hamdan, Faculty of Creative Multimedia-Media Innovation, Beta Level, MMU-