Tuesday, June 14, 2005


so, the journey is begun...me and mmu.

last week was the orientation week...first time living in the hostel.the orientation week was suck as we had to wake up early in the morning and sleep late at night...well, maybe because mostly i was on the phone during the night..it was the only time that i could use the phone.

sports activity during the orientation week..we had to wear the t-shirts they provided for us.urgghhh...

i cried on the first night in mmu...hihihihih..suddenly i felt alone...called my mom and she laughed...the second night was okay and so the same as the other night until now.

yesterday i attended the first classes...the morning class was cancelled due to the visit fromthe crown prince of perak (raja nazrin).they used the e theatre room...and the evening classes was a short one...just some introduction here and there.

i'm gonna have a photography class soon...which means, i have to buy the digital slr camera....$$$$$.....nuff said on that.u get it.

my roommates are cool..one from johor and one from shah alam..
nanti my next post, i'm gonna tell u more about my roommates, my neighbours, and the sengal list we made.


-Harim Hamdan, Faculty of Creative Multimedia-Media Innovation, Beta Level, MMU-

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