Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Mmusic Society

good news everyone....nanim aka my only sister, got accepted into uitm, degree in mass communication majoring in journalism.
the registration day will be held this sunday...ita, note this.ur cousin is joining u there!suke lah tu...

i'm happy for her too.she called me the about a week ago, crying on the phone, telling me that she didn't get in.and we went there for appeal, and now she got in.

the mmusic society club agm (anual general meeting)was held last nite.i went there with vi and ida.there was a girl, named hamam, playing the guitar, solo...she was cool.and she's a wearing tudung girl.she won the first place in gema competition (malay song competition) last year. salute!

anyways, today class was okay.cheng was like membebel a lot since monday.poor guy.not satisfied with this and that...the list will kept on and on if i told u guys wat he bubbled, we had to present all about ourselves in the design process class...and next week we had to draw objects, which can represent ourselves..weird class eh? uh and, for this homework, cheng was more than happy.he said its easy.

okay, i'm gonna take my rest for has been a long day.

note to self:tomorrow nite,IU bbq nite.

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