Friday, June 24, 2005

The ROOMATES, The NEIGHBOURS i promise. i wanna tell u guys about my life here at mmu.
start with my roommates.i have 2 roommates, elly from johor and nonie from shah alam.nonie is 18 years old so we called her budak kecik.and elly is 22.both of them are wacky and and elly are in the same faculty and doing the same major.and nonie is in the same faculty as we are but she's in her foundation year.
so, it has been 3 weeks now since i live and breath in the room with them.
the room is not really big but nice..although its a bit small from the rest but its okay.we can survive.then, there are my neighbours,3 of them...own,fiza and fatin.sumtimes i wud just go to their room and lepak, sumtimes they wud come to my room and watch dvd together....
the classes are far the earliest class i have is at

so, tu je kot buat setakat nie.ill update later..
uh, btw, i got offer letter from usm, seni halus-grafik komunikasi.
i'm gonna stay here, at mmu.

ni pc ely, dia malu nak bergambar, so i dapat ambik gambar pc dia jek.

this is the corner of my bed.there's my bed, and there's my table, before the pc took its crowded.

my jiran yg kepoh and kecoh giler!!!!but they are the best neighbours i ever had. :)

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