Saturday, July 30, 2005


so, tomorrow dh start cuti seminggu...the break that we all luking for.esp after che mat class.hmmm...uh, did i tell u guys that we're going for a 4 days and 3 nights field trip?its at cameron...tu lah, baiklah pulak che mat tu, arrange kan sumer tu...i realized now that everything he said were true, that our drawing was suck at the first place...cause if u guys were they at the fcm hall, u guys wud see the difference and improvement between our previous design and now.he scolded us, he chased us out from class, he yelled at us, he stepped on our designs, he tore them apart, he threw them just like rubbish,to make us strive for excellent...asal aku memahami dia sangat ni?? anyways, we have to start saving rm200 for the trip...duit lagi...

aishah is going to uk tomorrow...mesti pulak tu..besh besh...have fun there and enjoy ur trip aishah!!!dun forget my chocolate! :P

so,the other day, as me and elly were walking to hb2 for dinner, elly suddenly said that she's proud of having me as her fren and roommate...just that i was the chief editor of my school, we wasted the night by going to hb2 for dinner when we actually can just order our dinner at hb4 (our hostel)...and as we reached hb2, the queue was so long that made us go back to hb4 for dinner...and we haven't finished out photography assignment yet..
slept around 5am that nite, and missed the morning class at 9am as we were drifting with dreams...thank god that vee was in class, so macam biasalah, "tolong ambikkan attendance vee ku sayang"...then, went to photography tutorial, feeling eager to submit the assignment..suddenly, my tutor said that we dun have to submit yet and just consult with him.darn..double darn...triple darn...
but still, he complimented on my pictures, of 8 pictures that i produce, only 3 were rejected...yayyyy!!! :D hip hip horray!!

in the meantime, HAPPY HOLIDAY GUYS!!!
see ya'll in a week time.

roti canai kat fcm cafe yg aku mesti makan setiap hari rabu


wuit, dh start sale..mari kita mengamuk!!!

bukak mata besar besar, apa ader disekeliling, mungkin dia kat situ je.
and he said that he wanted to see me so bad cause he miss me so much... :P

**i just add a link to my fotopages.enjoy!

Thursday, July 28, 2005


got home at 10 last nite...buat aper lagi...taking photographs for the digital photography course.the reason i am so in luv with this course is that i dun have to read books and memorize every single thing in it.just understand the technical standard of getting gud effects on every pictures..and most of it, based on our creativity.

digital photography (mph 1113)
-the coordinator is so great.
-no tense in the class.
-the assignments are fun.

design process (mdp 1113)
-the coordinator is unpredictable.
-sometimes he can be a real pain in the ass, but lately he has turn into this kind hearted person!
-the assignments can make u go through lots of sleepless nite
-u just have to deal with it and be as creative as u can

computer modelling (mcc1013)
-its a 3d class where we learn how to use the 3d's max 7 software
-so far so good
-assignments are okay and can be referred to the tutorials and trial and error.

scripting language(mcc1033)
-i really like the tutor/coordinator
-the class is fun, no tense, no sleepless nite

computer environment (mce 1013)
-the most boring class
-still, the tutor is funny
-we learn bout the hard ware and the environment of the windows

everything is fine here...and its fun too...but still, i'm looking forward for a week break!

aini,tengku fatin,me,elly,fiza

tengku fatin and the sunset

Monday, July 25, 2005

TIME IS RUNNING OUT, i was so buzy for the past week!
i didn't know wat happen but time was so cruel to me.

the so-called-design

on that very wednesday evening, at around 3 or sumthin, i've been scolded by him infront of the class..there..he said my design was suck.i said i wasn't feeling well the whole week.its true, i had fever and my body was aching and heating.but, as usual, he said that's not supposed to be the reason, then, he said that word out loud.LAZY! he said i was lazy...the sky was actually collapsed on me as he said that. hmmmm....i tried to relax.

and now, i'm producing 3 more designs.

the audiowarfare

mmu very own battle of the band.
3 words to describe it: cool,loud,crowded
i loved it!
for pictures on it check out audiowarfare

onewing Angel:abu:aboon:baboon:zack:zareem

who is he?
he msg me on frenster, saying wanna know me better.
onewing Angel-Fizah Takara-Pink Sandal, dats how we linked on frenster.
so, i add him up after a few Q&A session.
then sumhow, he come all the way from uitm jengka to mmu for the audiowarfare.
met him and he was damn tall.he was wit his ipoh mali frens.
my new new fren!

Malaysia is small!
1. me - vee - aminn = aminn happened to go to the same primary skool as me,SKTHO..we know the same teachers, friends and nearby hang out places.
2. aminn - vee - vee's uncle = aminn stays in the same neighbourhood as vee's uncle
3. ida - me - aboon - najmi = ida knows najmi well, they used to hang out together.
4. me - ida = her house is in silibin ipoh, near my kampung, kampung manjoi
5. ida - me - aboon = aboon is a fren of ida's previous boyfren

so, go figure!

Friday, July 15, 2005


woke up this morning with sore throat and flu..didn't feel like going to class but i did go anyway.just because today i had tutorial class for digital photography..luv it.nanim called just now, having sore throat just like me..telling me that she too had to buy the slr camera..huuhuhuu..but i dun think she's gonna use it much.

anyhow, i'm going back today.i just feel like i need to be at the comfort of my own bed, plus, mommy ask me to come home because i didn't go home last week.still, assignments are quieing to be class was okay.encik 'kelate' on tutor today...his english got kelantanese pronounciation...i was like laughing my head off..hahhahha..well, at least some of the class is fun to be in..not like d.process..all of us are right now like clueless, we don't know wat to do...he even said that he could make us change our faculty! how dare he threat us...this is a private university..he can't simply force us to change faculty just because we can't produce designs that he wants..we hate him so much that it makes us sick everytime we went to his class!
so, next week, im gonna produce a design that would make him cry over his pathetic ass!! u bet i will!

at the other end, i have exciting 'wutever' , recognize me and elly when we went to his room (lecturer room) submitting the cd for our assignments.he was like,"ya'll in group 2 rite? on wednesday morning?" i was grinning and grinning that he actually know me.hihiiih...he's not that handsome, he's not that tall, he's cute actually,with his small asian size.ellylah...go ga-ga sangat over him..btw, he has this american accent!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

her birthday, his anger, my drawing...and raining

Her Birthday
like the previous years, today is nanim's birthday..hmm...i talk about her a lot lately, about her goin to university, i called her last nite..around 12.30 i guess.wishing her happy birthday.i felt guilty for her that she had to celebrate it alone there..none of her roommates know.i was actually planning to rent a car (auto) and celebrate it with her today.but to bad that there isn't a single auto car to be rent.if u know me, u wud know how bad i am with manual car.i called her again after design prosess class, and thank god that her friends save her.they took her out and went to least, i feel relief for that 20 years old little girl.

His Anger
just like last week class, che mat scolded us again, for not doing the design rite.last week, he went nuts over our drawing...and this week the anger burst deep down with no 'special' words being uttered.he was just walked back and forth around those 4ftx4ft drawing with his unsatisfied face.he choosed some of the drawing that he thought were okay and told the rest of us to pick ours and go back.NO CLASS.

for the second time (if im not mistaken), its raining here in mmu.
raining during the day time.i remember the first time i arrived, it was damn hot that i really thought of wearing nuthin XD
when its rain, the weather is so cool and calm.
i really luv it.

i miss nicky.nak gigit pipi dia
i miss him.

my drawing

the evening rain

Monday, July 11, 2005


i miss these girls so much that i really really wanna see them and hug them and kiss them and i wanna talk with them so much..i really do.

take note:mistake on my previous post,nanim got the offer based on her merit,not on the appealed.she was in the first batch list.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

$151.95 = action script

for the first time, i'm now at mmu on the weekend.
i was planning to stay here on weekend, but there were so many errands i had to attend..mmu in the weekend, is not really happening. :P

so, yesterday, went out with elly and her 3 other friends.we went to ikano,purchasing 3ds max and action script book..those books aren't that cheap..the action script book cost me $151.95...minus the 10% i got by being a popular book store member, i had to pay $135++...the most expensive study book i ever bought.

and today is babah's birthday.
his now around 50 sumthing i guess..
as i don't have any credit left in my phone and i don't see him quiet often lately, i decided to call him up and wish him happy birthday. :D

*note to self:skip the 9pm dinner and make it early at 7pm or so.6pm if could.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Pix..pix...and pix

*i'm too tired to say out words..let the pictures tell u sum.
*nap dulu ye... ;)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Nanim comel pergi UITM brutal

sent nanim to uitm last many people,damn crowded.
she's in her orientation week now.i told her to enjoy her orientation week as i did with mine, i danced through out the whole closing was fun lah in the end.

anyways, i think she's gonna enjoy her years there..mass communication-journalism, what else she wants..rite? i dun have the luck to study journalism but she does.its her choice, and she's so lucky.

its not that i'm complaining what i'm doing now, i really really love it, as much as i wud luv with writing..i guess there's advantages by doing what i'm doing now.i learn lots of new things.especially photography... :)

last nite i went to the mmu ed board went further details.malas nak citer.

and went to the annual general meeting of SPARC.
sparc is a club where they organise events.i'm going to be part of the battle of the band and outdoor gig team..its gonna be fun..there's so many clubs and societies here that i dunno which one i wanna join..

there's a girl here.she's my junior and she's in the foundation level.people said she's weird, and my roommate just got back and told me that the fcm dean gave her a 2 weeks straight break..

my next class wud be at 2pm.
design process.
yet, we did everything contra.
i wonder why?

for more pictures on nanim registration day at uitm