Sunday, July 10, 2005

$151.95 = action script

for the first time, i'm now at mmu on the weekend.
i was planning to stay here on weekend, but there were so many errands i had to attend..mmu in the weekend, is not really happening. :P

so, yesterday, went out with elly and her 3 other friends.we went to ikano,purchasing 3ds max and action script book..those books aren't that cheap..the action script book cost me $151.95...minus the 10% i got by being a popular book store member, i had to pay $135++...the most expensive study book i ever bought.

and today is babah's birthday.
his now around 50 sumthing i guess..
as i don't have any credit left in my phone and i don't see him quiet often lately, i decided to call him up and wish him happy birthday. :D

*note to self:skip the 9pm dinner and make it early at 7pm or so.6pm if could.

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