Saturday, July 30, 2005


so, tomorrow dh start cuti seminggu...the break that we all luking for.esp after che mat class.hmmm...uh, did i tell u guys that we're going for a 4 days and 3 nights field trip?its at cameron...tu lah, baiklah pulak che mat tu, arrange kan sumer tu...i realized now that everything he said were true, that our drawing was suck at the first place...cause if u guys were they at the fcm hall, u guys wud see the difference and improvement between our previous design and now.he scolded us, he chased us out from class, he yelled at us, he stepped on our designs, he tore them apart, he threw them just like rubbish,to make us strive for excellent...asal aku memahami dia sangat ni?? anyways, we have to start saving rm200 for the trip...duit lagi...

aishah is going to uk tomorrow...mesti pulak tu..besh besh...have fun there and enjoy ur trip aishah!!!dun forget my chocolate! :P

so,the other day, as me and elly were walking to hb2 for dinner, elly suddenly said that she's proud of having me as her fren and roommate...just that i was the chief editor of my school, we wasted the night by going to hb2 for dinner when we actually can just order our dinner at hb4 (our hostel)...and as we reached hb2, the queue was so long that made us go back to hb4 for dinner...and we haven't finished out photography assignment yet..
slept around 5am that nite, and missed the morning class at 9am as we were drifting with dreams...thank god that vee was in class, so macam biasalah, "tolong ambikkan attendance vee ku sayang"...then, went to photography tutorial, feeling eager to submit the assignment..suddenly, my tutor said that we dun have to submit yet and just consult with him.darn..double darn...triple darn...
but still, he complimented on my pictures, of 8 pictures that i produce, only 3 were rejected...yayyyy!!! :D hip hip horray!!

in the meantime, HAPPY HOLIDAY GUYS!!!
see ya'll in a week time.

roti canai kat fcm cafe yg aku mesti makan setiap hari rabu


wuit, dh start sale..mari kita mengamuk!!!

bukak mata besar besar, apa ader disekeliling, mungkin dia kat situ je.
and he said that he wanted to see me so bad cause he miss me so much... :P

**i just add a link to my fotopages.enjoy!

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