Wednesday, July 13, 2005

her birthday, his anger, my drawing...and raining

Her Birthday
like the previous years, today is nanim's birthday..hmm...i talk about her a lot lately, about her goin to university, i called her last nite..around 12.30 i guess.wishing her happy birthday.i felt guilty for her that she had to celebrate it alone there..none of her roommates know.i was actually planning to rent a car (auto) and celebrate it with her today.but to bad that there isn't a single auto car to be rent.if u know me, u wud know how bad i am with manual car.i called her again after design prosess class, and thank god that her friends save her.they took her out and went to least, i feel relief for that 20 years old little girl.

His Anger
just like last week class, che mat scolded us again, for not doing the design rite.last week, he went nuts over our drawing...and this week the anger burst deep down with no 'special' words being uttered.he was just walked back and forth around those 4ftx4ft drawing with his unsatisfied face.he choosed some of the drawing that he thought were okay and told the rest of us to pick ours and go back.NO CLASS.

for the second time (if im not mistaken), its raining here in mmu.
raining during the day time.i remember the first time i arrived, it was damn hot that i really thought of wearing nuthin XD
when its rain, the weather is so cool and calm.
i really luv it.

i miss nicky.nak gigit pipi dia
i miss him.

my drawing

the evening rain

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