Friday, July 15, 2005


woke up this morning with sore throat and flu..didn't feel like going to class but i did go anyway.just because today i had tutorial class for digital photography..luv it.nanim called just now, having sore throat just like me..telling me that she too had to buy the slr camera..huuhuhuu..but i dun think she's gonna use it much.

anyhow, i'm going back today.i just feel like i need to be at the comfort of my own bed, plus, mommy ask me to come home because i didn't go home last week.still, assignments are quieing to be class was okay.encik 'kelate' on tutor today...his english got kelantanese pronounciation...i was like laughing my head off..hahhahha..well, at least some of the class is fun to be in..not like d.process..all of us are right now like clueless, we don't know wat to do...he even said that he could make us change our faculty! how dare he threat us...this is a private university..he can't simply force us to change faculty just because we can't produce designs that he wants..we hate him so much that it makes us sick everytime we went to his class!
so, next week, im gonna produce a design that would make him cry over his pathetic ass!! u bet i will!

at the other end, i have exciting 'wutever' , recognize me and elly when we went to his room (lecturer room) submitting the cd for our assignments.he was like,"ya'll in group 2 rite? on wednesday morning?" i was grinning and grinning that he actually know me.hihiiih...he's not that handsome, he's not that tall, he's cute actually,with his small asian size.ellylah...go ga-ga sangat over him..btw, he has this american accent!

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