Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Nanim comel pergi UITM brutal

sent nanim to uitm last many people,damn crowded.
she's in her orientation week now.i told her to enjoy her orientation week as i did with mine, i danced through out the whole closing was fun lah in the end.

anyways, i think she's gonna enjoy her years there..mass communication-journalism, what else she wants..rite? i dun have the luck to study journalism but she does.its her choice, and she's so lucky.

its not that i'm complaining what i'm doing now, i really really love it, as much as i wud luv with writing..i guess there's advantages by doing what i'm doing now.i learn lots of new things.especially photography... :)

last nite i went to the mmu ed board went further details.malas nak citer.

and went to the annual general meeting of SPARC.
sparc is a club where they organise events.i'm going to be part of the battle of the band and outdoor gig team..its gonna be fun..there's so many clubs and societies here that i dunno which one i wanna join..

there's a girl here.she's my junior and she's in the foundation level.people said she's weird, and my roommate just got back and told me that the fcm dean gave her a 2 weeks straight break..

my next class wud be at 2pm.
design process.
yet, we did everything contra.
i wonder why?

for more pictures on nanim registration day at uitm

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