Thursday, July 28, 2005


got home at 10 last nite...buat aper lagi...taking photographs for the digital photography course.the reason i am so in luv with this course is that i dun have to read books and memorize every single thing in it.just understand the technical standard of getting gud effects on every pictures..and most of it, based on our creativity.

digital photography (mph 1113)
-the coordinator is so great.
-no tense in the class.
-the assignments are fun.

design process (mdp 1113)
-the coordinator is unpredictable.
-sometimes he can be a real pain in the ass, but lately he has turn into this kind hearted person!
-the assignments can make u go through lots of sleepless nite
-u just have to deal with it and be as creative as u can

computer modelling (mcc1013)
-its a 3d class where we learn how to use the 3d's max 7 software
-so far so good
-assignments are okay and can be referred to the tutorials and trial and error.

scripting language(mcc1033)
-i really like the tutor/coordinator
-the class is fun, no tense, no sleepless nite

computer environment (mce 1013)
-the most boring class
-still, the tutor is funny
-we learn bout the hard ware and the environment of the windows

everything is fine here...and its fun too...but still, i'm looking forward for a week break!

aini,tengku fatin,me,elly,fiza

tengku fatin and the sunset

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