Monday, July 25, 2005

TIME IS RUNNING OUT, i was so buzy for the past week!
i didn't know wat happen but time was so cruel to me.

the so-called-design

on that very wednesday evening, at around 3 or sumthin, i've been scolded by him infront of the class..there..he said my design was suck.i said i wasn't feeling well the whole week.its true, i had fever and my body was aching and heating.but, as usual, he said that's not supposed to be the reason, then, he said that word out loud.LAZY! he said i was lazy...the sky was actually collapsed on me as he said that. hmmmm....i tried to relax.

and now, i'm producing 3 more designs.

the audiowarfare

mmu very own battle of the band.
3 words to describe it: cool,loud,crowded
i loved it!
for pictures on it check out audiowarfare

onewing Angel:abu:aboon:baboon:zack:zareem

who is he?
he msg me on frenster, saying wanna know me better.
onewing Angel-Fizah Takara-Pink Sandal, dats how we linked on frenster.
so, i add him up after a few Q&A session.
then sumhow, he come all the way from uitm jengka to mmu for the audiowarfare.
met him and he was damn tall.he was wit his ipoh mali frens.
my new new fren!

Malaysia is small!
1. me - vee - aminn = aminn happened to go to the same primary skool as me,SKTHO..we know the same teachers, friends and nearby hang out places.
2. aminn - vee - vee's uncle = aminn stays in the same neighbourhood as vee's uncle
3. ida - me - aboon - najmi = ida knows najmi well, they used to hang out together.
4. me - ida = her house is in silibin ipoh, near my kampung, kampung manjoi
5. ida - me - aboon = aboon is a fren of ida's previous boyfren

so, go figure!

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