Monday, August 08, 2005


the haze started from the cyberia park, and so they said..if its true, then matilah, cyberia kat sebelah mmu jerk.kat kl pun i got flu and all.

and now, i nak siapkan 3D..nak siapkan malam ni gak..GAN BATTE!!
cause tomorrow night ader yearbook meeting and 3D kene submit ari rabu, and ari khamis kene submit flash, tak siap lagi, cause i didn't do it mase cuti ari tu...padan muka i..and ari khamis malam i nk pegi tgk ungu violet wit my, dat's the plan, so, i terpaksa lah skip kan niat utk ambik gambar dian kat midvalley nanti..keje banyak sangat...

maser keluar e-theatre tadi, there's a group of people dancing was really fun..i didn't bring my fz20 so i jes had to watch them without taking any pictures..i didn't know that mmu provided a cha-cha class..hhuhuhu..

and now, i'm waiting for his call while doing my 3D.


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