Wednesday, August 10, 2005


the haze condition in cyber is still bad,even worse!
woke up this morning with coughing..
elly too...then baru sedar tingkap tak tutup semalam...
and the haze like floating here and there in our hostel..

relief that i've finished my 3D on time...
but still, i was worry about flash..
tak siap lagi and kene submit besok...
i cakap kat my girlfriends that if tomorrow cuti because of jerebu kan best
..and guess what, balik dari kelas design process tadi, prof ghauth announced on bulletin board that mmu cuti for the next 2 days starting tomorrow.. :D
diorang cakap mulut i masin!!hihiihih

so, now i can do my flash without stress.
tomollow malam mama suruh balik...
ingatkan nak bersuka ria kat sini.
she's worried about my condition.

raser cam kat negeri omputeh lak ngan hazzy ni...
i want my sun.
the beautiful sun.
giv back our sun!
sun,come back homelah.
cian kat kitorang.

gambar kat bawah tu diambil dari tingkat 2,wing a kat hb4.
for more photos click haze

until then, lock urself inside any building (house,school,room,office,mall, etc)yang kedap udara. take care of your health!
uh, btw, tadi che mat tak der kat nyer!
macam heaven...hihihihi XD

10th august 2005

11th august 2005


*izit another lovey dovey feeling or
just a phase that i'm goin thru??

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