Friday, August 19, 2005


*refer to nanim's blog before u read this....

yes, our babah is like that..the distance is there but u can't really see it when we talk and all.
sumtimes we do talk about things.
jokes...we laugh...
actually i can ask money from him, face to face..but not nanim.
she wud just ask me to ask from babah..
babah tak makan orang.
but, lately, i haven't talk to him..even when i was home last week.
feel guilty.
i should have said "hi, babah" or sumthin.
so,yesterday, i asked him rm200 for my field trip to cameron next month.
and he said he'll bank it in later.
i thought later would be end of this month..
then this evening, he texting me,"babah dah bank in rm200".
i said,"thank u babah".
nanti, balik minggu depan, i'm gonna say hi to him.

i luv babah.
our babah is the greatest babah in the whole universe!!!

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