Wednesday, August 24, 2005


encik was so nice that he actually drove me around the next day to take more and more pictures.
we went to kl again (raser cam kl tu jauh jerk), and stopped at armcorp mall for breakfast+lunch,besides i was planning to get some pictures of the flee market there..
tapi tak jadi.
gambar tak jadi.
sungguh dukacita skali.

then we went to kg sumthin(tak ingat)
located belakang zoo negara.
banyak orang beriadah kat situ.
fishing, picnic, etc.
the place was so quiet and calm.
luv it.

after that off to tasik titiwangsa.
went to an abandoned house nearby.
haunted maybe.
the house has a big landscape.
with big swimming pool, and guard house.
theres details on the wall.
the house was big.
big so big.

then went to The Mall.
nuthin there.
sajer membuangkan minyak kete dan duit parking.

then went to cyber back.
i was sleeping all the way back home.
and he drove alone.
i put all the pictures i want into my flash drive along with elly's and vi's.

then went to alamanda.
sent those pix for print.
bought mcdonalds for dinner for me and my girls.
and i said tata to encik because being so nice and kind.
thank u dear.

for more pixies...check out assignment 3

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