Friday, September 23, 2005


i posted this pix at unique exposure and i got some inspiring comments on it...thanx guys! u, go comment! :D
i always want to take such picture...and i finally took it.

by the way, life here in mmu are getting buzier and buzier..
final is just around the corner..(reza ckp, go tgk around that corner..hahha)i only hav 3 exam papers to sit next week..assignments are tough!
our flash project is almost done, thanx to elly for her dedication, and amirs too..
hmmmm, tak lah susah sangat buat flash ni, like me, from zero, now i can actually do some slideshow...i did mtv for 2nd assignment but it was terribly suck!
maybe ill do sum interesting thing during semester break.we'll see..

today we gonna PAINT OUR CANVAS...
let it dry for a day, and tomorrow we'll start to draw on the canvas.
takut...sumer orang takut nak draw, my frens lah...
kalau fail, have to wait for a year, then baru bule repeat for another year.arrrggghhhhh!
but, like my hush puppies said, "i know you can do it, cause you're clever"
thank u.
all i have to do, infact, all of us, is to believe dat we can.

pink hyppo is staring at me right now...
dah hitam dh dia...
nnt cuti nk anta dia pegi dobi.

uh, and nanim got her laptop already..
fuuuhhh,best lah minah sorang tu..tak per tak per, nanti dia balik weekend, i'm gonna take over her laptop.

and still, my ptptn balance tak masuk account lagi..
cam ner nk makan TGI Friday ni???
cam ner elly???
HAH??!!! APER!!?? VI NAK BELANJA??!!!!

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