Wednesday, October 19, 2005


jari/tangan mama....yang menjaga aku dari kecik sampai lah debab!


it has been a week since i got home for semester break...
fun, boring, exciting...
today, my flu is getting it yesterday, i was sweeping away the dust and all..
anyways, nanim already know about me and him..hahahhaha...she is my only concern..i thought she would freakout...
and now that she knew...i can write as many things about us here..hahahahha...nanim, thank you.

and now, i'm doin nanim's photocom assignments..
its like, its no big deal, with around 20 pictures to select for the apperture, shutter speed, illustration photo (wat the heck is that??), essay picture bla bla bla....yeah, right, no big deal....i'm saving your chullo here sorella! where's my vanilla ice cream?

i've been saving this dream to go to bali with sumone important..with the bali beaches, the breathtaking environment, the windy air, the white sand, it would be lovely, so lovely to spend time there with sumone u love...come to think about, bali just got bomb! again!...well, maybe not yet...maybe in a couple of years ahead...duit pun tak de.hahahahha..

so, this saturday, i'm goin out wit my cousins!!!and of course, mi wud be our girls day wud be fun!
huhuhuhu..cant wait.ita gonna bring her eh!

so, anyways, to all my muslims fans....hahahahahah...fwens muslims fwens....SELAMAT BERPUASA...semoga kalian sumer mendapat hidayah dah rahmat di bulan yang mulia ini...
its like, even though u think u make the most sins ever, just dun do watever u did in this fasting month...hahahahhah..take my advice.

bubye...i luv u guys!

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