Friday, December 30, 2005


zima is engage to her used to be abang angkat..
i was so thrilled!
i went there to see my best friend getting engaged..
but too bad i had to leave before the men's side arrived.

anyways, congratulation to you zima!
cepat cepat kawin tau!

Friday, December 23, 2005


hmm..where to start?
as u guys know, my group, She Sell Sea Shells, sells shell product.
we did paper weight (which got a huge number of female fans), customize necklace, and windcharm..

the experience of selling stuff a is more than any word could describe.
ppl buy ur product with anticipation and excitement feeling that they have sumthin to giv to their luv ones..

the crowd was great..
but still, we went through sleepless night trying to make the paper weight and stuff..
anyways, we had fun too..

i bought table lamp (comel), pillowcase, wall deco, mug etc...
uh, and a cd..a band called April..heard a song by them at myspace..quiet nice..

do check out my fotopages for more pixies...

Monday, December 19, 2005


do come to our booth...
gonna be lots of stuff..
its gonna be fun!

ur support means a lot to us!!

Saturday, December 17, 2005


"last night conversation suppose to be a joke..
i'm sorry.
it was a miscommunication really..
i don't care about the previous him.i don't care at all.
i care about what i have now.
i want to be with who i'm with now.
i'm sorry if somehow i hurt someone...
i wanted to believe in it again..i really do.
and someone had showed me that i can believe in it..
we've come this far, don't turn away.
i'm sorry for last night"

Friday, December 16, 2005


most of my friends are afraid of having the needle being insert into their arm...
well, human nature of being afraid i guess..
i was afraid too. i did.
i wasn't sure enough if i ever could to take the risk of having the needle inserted into my arm and watch the blood come out slowly from my arm and go through the transparent tube and into the transparent container.
but one day, i realize that i wanted to do it..
i always the one who wanted to donate clothes, food and money to the needy..the one who wanted to contribute to her society..
thank god i did it at last...

last march i decided that i wanted to donate my blood..
it was a great experience..
i did watch the blood went through the transparent tube and into the transparent was thick and was warm too..
my blood type is AB..
AB the selfish one..
AB for AB and only AB..
and i donated again yesterday...
so i hope, whoever got my blood, make the most out of it..

nothing much to tell right now..just that yesterday, i thought to myself..
did i contribute enough to my society?

Thursday, December 15, 2005

shopping for art market stuff at jln tar


sumer art market punyer pasal...
tak sabar tunggu art market..jual jual barang, jual itu dan ini...jual sampai dapat untung..
datang tau korang..
sampai sakit sakit badan ni...
spend all the night at vi's..

today is his bday..
happy bday to u..
happy bday to u..
happy bdau to u u u...
happy bday to u...

last week went to a get together reunion luncheon at chicken herts, sunway pyramid..
not many turn out but its okay, at least those i care were there.
well, the topic that day was about us... :P
"what's his name?", "naper tak bawak dia?", "dia keje kat maner", etc...
its not really me telling them about him..
ntah lah..for me its private stuff..ntah lah..dari dulu cm tu..keep it low profile..
sowie girls...hihiihih..

monday nikki sunat!!

sunday goin to pantai remis to collect shell...

sunday zita kawin...

now me sleepy...

nighty nite everyone!!!!
sleep tight.
luv u.

Sunday, December 04, 2005


Tijani before got her chocolate

Sorfina after got her chocolate

nikki, wawan and iman, indulging the chocolate moment.

i've to go back home this morning for nikki,wawan and iman's birtday party..
i'll make sure that i got a lots of great pictures...
i luv photograpy that i spend a sum of rm220 for another spare battery..i thought of buying it way back before, but it was damn expensive.
i need to get my hand on 512mb sd card...but then again, i'll wait for the gud price.

last nite i went to a wedding reception at dewan sri endon, putrajaya..
it was my dad's relative whom i dun really know.
sumhow i found out that i have the same great great grandmother with azura zainal,former disney club host. she was at the reception too...
small small world.
i managed to take some pictures at the wedding..still a lot to learn.

his birthday is just around the corner...on 15th to be exact.
was thinking to spend something nice on the armani black code...or maybe a fossil watch..or maybe a nice U2 shirt...can't decide boo prefer the black code but still i wanna see him with the shirt...hahahha....

my spine is still aching which i dunno why.

uh, btw, dayang nurfaizah will be performed at planet hollywood on 11th, 18th and 25th of december..tix for rm35 inclusive a drink.

p/s:visit my fotopages for more pixies

Friday, December 02, 2005


Thursday, December 01, 2005


hey...baru i perasan that i havent update my blog since a month ago...sejak result keluar...
so anyways...things happen all around me...
first of all, raya was okay...balik kg babah kat dengkil jerk.oklah...although didn't get that much of duit raya...but it was ok..jumper uwan etc.
time raya cm ni, makanlah paling best..lemang, ketupat, rendang, itu ini...MACAM MACAM ADA..tak banyak sangat g open house..ada dua tiga open house jerk.g open house zaid, fatiyah and mawar jerk...AJ nyer open house tak g sebab ader hal..slalunya every year we all looking forward for AJs sbb dia slalu buat rendang dendeng...tak per, insyaallah next year masih ada. :D

pastu me and him decided to host a luncheon for our we did steamboat, spaghetti and rendang with lemang...the funny thing was, i was worried sick that they cant get enough of the steamboat, so i decided to buy a lot of things for the the end of the day, we got a lot of left-overs..hahaha..tu lah tamak was nice lah dapat kumpul ramai ramai..

what else, hmmm...owh, yeah, i got to contact back with an old fren.

malam ni ader dinner cum open house cum gathering beta student fcm kat fcm hall...rm10 sorang..dh bayar dh...its already 7pm..malas nyer nak pegi..but have to go lah..dh bayar maa..

pastu semalam kelas kitorang buat trip g zoo negara...
haha ..klakar kan...but it was fun lah to see/visit those animals...
banyak gambar animals..

uh and tadi, i ajak dia beli bag bag baru...
hihihi...syoknya..dapat beli sekali 3 trus..tapi i got on good bargain lah..i've been waiting for the bag since lamer dh, now i got 3 terus...
thanx sayang..

oklah i nk siap siap...nnt i post gambar-gambar...