Friday, December 23, 2005


hmm..where to start?
as u guys know, my group, She Sell Sea Shells, sells shell product.
we did paper weight (which got a huge number of female fans), customize necklace, and windcharm..

the experience of selling stuff a is more than any word could describe.
ppl buy ur product with anticipation and excitement feeling that they have sumthin to giv to their luv ones..

the crowd was great..
but still, we went through sleepless night trying to make the paper weight and stuff..
anyways, we had fun too..

i bought table lamp (comel), pillowcase, wall deco, mug etc...
uh, and a cd..a band called April..heard a song by them at myspace..quiet nice..

do check out my fotopages for more pixies...

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