Friday, December 16, 2005


most of my friends are afraid of having the needle being insert into their arm...
well, human nature of being afraid i guess..
i was afraid too. i did.
i wasn't sure enough if i ever could to take the risk of having the needle inserted into my arm and watch the blood come out slowly from my arm and go through the transparent tube and into the transparent container.
but one day, i realize that i wanted to do it..
i always the one who wanted to donate clothes, food and money to the needy..the one who wanted to contribute to her society..
thank god i did it at last...

last march i decided that i wanted to donate my blood..
it was a great experience..
i did watch the blood went through the transparent tube and into the transparent was thick and was warm too..
my blood type is AB..
AB the selfish one..
AB for AB and only AB..
and i donated again yesterday...
so i hope, whoever got my blood, make the most out of it..

nothing much to tell right now..just that yesterday, i thought to myself..
did i contribute enough to my society?

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