Sunday, December 04, 2005


Tijani before got her chocolate

Sorfina after got her chocolate

nikki, wawan and iman, indulging the chocolate moment.

i've to go back home this morning for nikki,wawan and iman's birtday party..
i'll make sure that i got a lots of great pictures...
i luv photograpy that i spend a sum of rm220 for another spare battery..i thought of buying it way back before, but it was damn expensive.
i need to get my hand on 512mb sd card...but then again, i'll wait for the gud price.

last nite i went to a wedding reception at dewan sri endon, putrajaya..
it was my dad's relative whom i dun really know.
sumhow i found out that i have the same great great grandmother with azura zainal,former disney club host. she was at the reception too...
small small world.
i managed to take some pictures at the wedding..still a lot to learn.

his birthday is just around the corner...on 15th to be exact.
was thinking to spend something nice on the armani black code...or maybe a fossil watch..or maybe a nice U2 shirt...can't decide boo prefer the black code but still i wanna see him with the shirt...hahahha....

my spine is still aching which i dunno why.

uh, btw, dayang nurfaizah will be performed at planet hollywood on 11th, 18th and 25th of december..tix for rm35 inclusive a drink.

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