Thursday, December 15, 2005

shopping for art market stuff at jln tar


sumer art market punyer pasal...
tak sabar tunggu art market..jual jual barang, jual itu dan ini...jual sampai dapat untung..
datang tau korang..
sampai sakit sakit badan ni...
spend all the night at vi's..

today is his bday..
happy bday to u..
happy bday to u..
happy bdau to u u u...
happy bday to u...

last week went to a get together reunion luncheon at chicken herts, sunway pyramid..
not many turn out but its okay, at least those i care were there.
well, the topic that day was about us... :P
"what's his name?", "naper tak bawak dia?", "dia keje kat maner", etc...
its not really me telling them about him..
ntah lah..for me its private stuff..ntah lah..dari dulu cm tu..keep it low profile..
sowie girls...hihiihih..

monday nikki sunat!!

sunday goin to pantai remis to collect shell...

sunday zita kawin...

now me sleepy...

nighty nite everyone!!!!
sleep tight.
luv u.

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