Friday, January 13, 2006


went home for raya haji..
helping mama cooked..
i was planning to buy the 24 color pencils luna from advanco at tmn melawati because the price they sell here in kl is so expensive..2times higher than advanco.
babah took the car after raya pray to dengkil, leaving me desperate of needing to buy the color before advanco close at 2pm.
so, i asked him to take me there...

before meeting him, i went to the nearby mosque to take some pictures on lembu yang dikorbankan. i was late actually, only reached there at 11am or so..the raya haji community at the mosque were friendly and helpful..they even asked me to take pictures of them..guessing i was a reporter/photographer from the local newspaper.. :D
when been asked, i said,"tak pakcik, saya student je"
but still, the teamwork they showed really amazed me.
the energy runs like mad.
i really enjoyed taking pictures there.

so after the mosque, i walked to desa pandan and met him there.
we went to advanco and i bought several stuff for my poster project..
the 24 color pencils Luna, tracing paper, illustration board, and a few stuff for nikki.
after that we went to starbucks and had our raya drinks!
it was weird that we spent raya there...took some pictures of us..
and mama called in the middle there, asking me to buy some stuff for nikki's school project.

so we decided to get those things at pertama complex.
i was so tired that i had to walked all over the jalan TAR just to get stuff for nikki..tak pe lah..for nikki..

head back home right after that.
and get back to cyber during the night.

p/s:i can't post more pictures on
the korban part because it might
be disturbing to some viewers.

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