Monday, February 27, 2006


hmm..banyak bday bday abang saya..
umur dia 25 dah..
abang used to bought me toys on my bday when i was a little pwincess..
he would let me choose in between toy A or toy B.and when i choose toy A, he gave me toy B on my bday..the system was, he gave me the opposite toys of my picked. and when he bought me toys, he did some research on the benefit he could have. the toys i got must be something that he could play along with, like the Lego, Lego and, for 3 years a row, i got Lego for my bday presents and something that i didn't wish for. :D

abang was my bodyguard during primary school.
he had this little geng whom protected his little sisters.
i was crying one day in my classroom over a dress that my teacher made me wear for my stage i was crying, one of his buddy walk by and saw me..he came straight to me and ask what happen.before i could answer, he promised me to kick whoever ass whom made me cried.
abang really protected me and my sister..
all we need to do was tell him who disturb us..and in split second, those guys chicken away from us....

nowadays, abang also made me angry.
sometimes, i just couldn't stand with him beside me.
at times, he really is a joker.
yeah, i've been scolded by him every now and then but still, i know he did wat's best for me.
our age gap is only 2 years but he have made me look up at him.
he's not just a protector, a guider or was a self centered little boy but his my only abang in the world.and that what makes our relationship special.

i know he'll never read this.
he didn't even know my blog add.
so abang, U SUCK BIG TIME!!! XD
happy bday big bro!

p/s:weh abang, ko dah carik ke tak kakak ipar aku?
*pictures were taken yesterday.


Sunday, February 26, 2006

and last friday, we celebrated ida's bday.
we took her to pizza hut, blind folded eyes was my planned but i didn't do that.
we spent like 4 hours at alamanda..huhuu..we didn't fill in the fuel cause we thought it wud be enough for us to go there, and we're right.
then, we bought 2 slices of secret recipe's cake and pizza and gifts.
uh, did i tell u guys that ida got herself a black iPod for her bday? her bf gave her...i was like kicking myself, running here and there when i saw that iPod on her desk one day morning.lucky her!
so, neone out there, my bday is coming on april, why dun u guys share and buy me a white iPod..i'll luv u wif all my heart after that. :D

at last, they agreed on my story line which i had been working with elly.
and ken put the x factor in it, and voila! we done with story line.
last night, after i got home from kl, i finished up my part for the presentation.good girl. :D
so, the location for the shooting will be at KLIA, Genting, Port Dickson and around Putrajaya.and the budget for it, well, maybe it will be higher than i expected.

i was planning to do my maya today when suddenly he called, asking me if i free today.he wanna come to see me cause he misses me and he has nothing to do there..i was like,"otey, you can come". hmmmm...

i dunno what happen, but i am so much into the pussycat dolls right now.i've downloaded the album, and i tell ya, they rocks! the songs are great.i luv it.i luv their performance, they make me feel sexy! they make every women feel sexy i guess.i luv the tainted love, sway, buttons, stickwitu.

anyways, the water here is worst.
the tab water is like makes my throat itchy.
i had to buy mineral water to drink..
even my body sometimes itchy..and my face..

so, today is sunday.
hope u guys have a beautiful sunday morning and exciting things to do onwards..
i'm off to flea market.yayy!!!
bubye people.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006


tix for extended 2 days show of PGL the musical are all sold out!
they sold the 2 days show tix for only about 5 hours straight.
this means, the theatre really is something else.

congratulations to the enfiniti production and all the crew and cast.


Monday, February 20, 2006


Bravo, Great, Excellent, Perfect, Amazing!
i was taken away for the 4 hours show by puteri gunung ledang the musical at istana puteri gunung ledang..
the set, the costumes, the choreograph, the singing, the acting, the expression, the dedication and commitment were all shown on the stage.
every little character looks alive and real and so i have to say perfect!
they acted as if they were not acting..gedid?

neweys, PGLM deserves a continuesly applause from the audience and standing ovation. i was amaze by this one actor whom before i never acknowledge his talent during his gerak khas days and some so called movies.Ac Mizal has proven to most of the audience that he do has talent..and i absolutely agree.
the theatre had change many audience perspective who went there to see what is so special about it esp for those who never watched theatre before.
PGLM has succesfully make audience leave with smiles on their faces and twinkles in their eyes.
the tix were all sold out, but they extend a day show for those who missed the previous shows.check out the istana budaya website for further information.


Friday, February 17, 2006


to an end!!
i haven't eat carbo that much like i used to nemore..
i barely eat nasi..once a week of nasi.
so, im looking forward to join clasess like kickboxing or dancing etc.

elly is going back to batu pahat today...and vi's going to kl.
and im going back to kl as be precise, shamelin..huhuhu..
the house is okay.
its comfortable for the 4 of them excluding nanim and i who are barely home.its still comfortable when we got back..

and i just got my full license everyone..

uh, and tomorrow we gonna see pgl the musical at istana budaya..
and we got another 4 free tix the next day..which is cool because we're already got 4 free tix last weekend..yay..we thought of selling it but we'll see.

and valentine's day was as usual as it is for me..
when i was single & available,i always want a nice and sweet and memorable valentine. but now, i dun feel the same thing nemore..i feel that i dun want to cherish my love on that particular one day as everyone does.
i want to cherish it that everyday cud be special for me..

assignments getting tougher and interesting.
sculptures, 3d animation, 80 pages of figure scatching, video clip and website. there.

and, and....tomorrow is beedees/triumph annual sale!!!

so, enjoy ur weekend everyone!i know i'll enjoy mine.. :D


Wednesday, February 08, 2006


after a year working at TNS, i went to mmu, that is where i am today..
i leave TNS with a happy 55kg something weight..
even kak maziah told me that i lost some weight through out my whole one year there, compared to the first day i started worked there.

so neweys, the day i leaved TNS, i was with my 55kg something weight..
then, when i returned back during my previous trimester break, working back as a parttimer in TNS, the TNS-ians told me i gained so much..ben even said i'm fat.huhuhu...i'm not a 55kg something babe anymore...i'm a 60kg over, pink hyppo's owner!my pink hyppo don't even weight that much!

and after 3 weeks of trimester break, i went back to mmu for new trimester...the girls told me i gained weight, its like, my fat keep on increasing during i was in mmu, and during i was at home..

and now, im officially launching war towards my fat! WAR girls..its a WAR!!
i hate these fats hanging around my waist, my arms, my thighs and my stomach...euwwww...too much details i suppose..such a disgrace to the whole Harim-Is-A-Babe concept..hihihi..
its like i even have double chin now..i can't fit into my padini jeans which i can wear it last trimester..and wearing my skimpy tshirts makes me look flabby.

phyto fiber drinks i am into,
rice and carbohidrate food i'm away from,
to get back my old weight i'm waiting,
to be taller and skimpier i am wishing.


neweys, dear kumar, a picture of u and tea and tagore small get together.
and dear readers, i suggest u guys to try to listen to jem's latest album FINALLY WOKEN and also emiliana torrini's TO BE FREE single.
at the moment, im downloading some of her songs..


Monday, February 06, 2006


HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone..i hope its not too late for me to wish u guys that..
and happy belated bday to elly..hope all ur wishes come true dear.

anyways, life in kl was hectic..
i worked as a parttimer at tns..
everyone there told me that i gained weight!i noticed that..hihih..
i worked extra hours there..lots of over time..kechiing!

now, life back in mmu with new trimester to go through..
went to class this evening..mdp class was something about drawing figures character..
mpm class, need to do a video clip..that is something interesting, dun ya think? hmm..

i still feel tired, maybe because of the work stress konon...
but anyway, i enjoyed least, i know how much a ringgit worth.
because of my class only for 4 days a week, i planned to work on friday, saturday and sunday.if i make rm40 a day, i got rm120 a week, and that wud make it rm480 a month..
its just that, i dun wanna ask money from babah nemore for my project or assignments..

uh, btw, we just moved in to a new home..
its near nikki's school..
i am excited..

and i'm gonna watch PGL musical theatre on 18th for those who havent got the tix yet,hurry..seats are fast selling out..

and gonna get my full license on 16th feb...

gpa for last trimester was good...
increasing my cgpa pointer..
thank god.

and i luv him..
so so much..

*check out kak jija's engagement photos