Wednesday, February 08, 2006


after a year working at TNS, i went to mmu, that is where i am today..
i leave TNS with a happy 55kg something weight..
even kak maziah told me that i lost some weight through out my whole one year there, compared to the first day i started worked there.

so neweys, the day i leaved TNS, i was with my 55kg something weight..
then, when i returned back during my previous trimester break, working back as a parttimer in TNS, the TNS-ians told me i gained so much..ben even said i'm fat.huhuhu...i'm not a 55kg something babe anymore...i'm a 60kg over, pink hyppo's owner!my pink hyppo don't even weight that much!

and after 3 weeks of trimester break, i went back to mmu for new trimester...the girls told me i gained weight, its like, my fat keep on increasing during i was in mmu, and during i was at home..

and now, im officially launching war towards my fat! WAR girls..its a WAR!!
i hate these fats hanging around my waist, my arms, my thighs and my stomach...euwwww...too much details i suppose..such a disgrace to the whole Harim-Is-A-Babe concept..hihihi..
its like i even have double chin now..i can't fit into my padini jeans which i can wear it last trimester..and wearing my skimpy tshirts makes me look flabby.

phyto fiber drinks i am into,
rice and carbohidrate food i'm away from,
to get back my old weight i'm waiting,
to be taller and skimpier i am wishing.


neweys, dear kumar, a picture of u and tea and tagore small get together.
and dear readers, i suggest u guys to try to listen to jem's latest album FINALLY WOKEN and also emiliana torrini's TO BE FREE single.
at the moment, im downloading some of her songs..


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