Monday, February 27, 2006


hmm..banyak bday bday abang saya..
umur dia 25 dah..
abang used to bought me toys on my bday when i was a little pwincess..
he would let me choose in between toy A or toy B.and when i choose toy A, he gave me toy B on my bday..the system was, he gave me the opposite toys of my picked. and when he bought me toys, he did some research on the benefit he could have. the toys i got must be something that he could play along with, like the Lego, Lego and, for 3 years a row, i got Lego for my bday presents and something that i didn't wish for. :D

abang was my bodyguard during primary school.
he had this little geng whom protected his little sisters.
i was crying one day in my classroom over a dress that my teacher made me wear for my stage i was crying, one of his buddy walk by and saw me..he came straight to me and ask what happen.before i could answer, he promised me to kick whoever ass whom made me cried.
abang really protected me and my sister..
all we need to do was tell him who disturb us..and in split second, those guys chicken away from us....

nowadays, abang also made me angry.
sometimes, i just couldn't stand with him beside me.
at times, he really is a joker.
yeah, i've been scolded by him every now and then but still, i know he did wat's best for me.
our age gap is only 2 years but he have made me look up at him.
he's not just a protector, a guider or was a self centered little boy but his my only abang in the world.and that what makes our relationship special.

i know he'll never read this.
he didn't even know my blog add.
so abang, U SUCK BIG TIME!!! XD
happy bday big bro!

p/s:weh abang, ko dah carik ke tak kakak ipar aku?
*pictures were taken yesterday.


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