Sunday, February 26, 2006

and last friday, we celebrated ida's bday.
we took her to pizza hut, blind folded eyes was my planned but i didn't do that.
we spent like 4 hours at alamanda..huhuu..we didn't fill in the fuel cause we thought it wud be enough for us to go there, and we're right.
then, we bought 2 slices of secret recipe's cake and pizza and gifts.
uh, did i tell u guys that ida got herself a black iPod for her bday? her bf gave her...i was like kicking myself, running here and there when i saw that iPod on her desk one day morning.lucky her!
so, neone out there, my bday is coming on april, why dun u guys share and buy me a white iPod..i'll luv u wif all my heart after that. :D

at last, they agreed on my story line which i had been working with elly.
and ken put the x factor in it, and voila! we done with story line.
last night, after i got home from kl, i finished up my part for the presentation.good girl. :D
so, the location for the shooting will be at KLIA, Genting, Port Dickson and around Putrajaya.and the budget for it, well, maybe it will be higher than i expected.

i was planning to do my maya today when suddenly he called, asking me if i free today.he wanna come to see me cause he misses me and he has nothing to do there..i was like,"otey, you can come". hmmmm...

i dunno what happen, but i am so much into the pussycat dolls right now.i've downloaded the album, and i tell ya, they rocks! the songs are great.i luv it.i luv their performance, they make me feel sexy! they make every women feel sexy i guess.i luv the tainted love, sway, buttons, stickwitu.

anyways, the water here is worst.
the tab water is like makes my throat itchy.
i had to buy mineral water to drink..
even my body sometimes itchy..and my face..

so, today is sunday.
hope u guys have a beautiful sunday morning and exciting things to do onwards..
i'm off to flea market.yayy!!!
bubye people.


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